Reflections Seminars was founded in 2007 by Queen's University Alumni Suzanne Kenny with a goal of of helping clients overcome challenges and progress in their chosen careers through practical, applicable training. Their management training seminars proved so successful in Montreal that Reflection Seminars has subsequently expanded to provide  the same high quality training to clients Canada wide, with courses in Victoria, VancouverToronto, and Ottawa .


Management Training by Coaching

  • To provide applicable and functional Management Training.

  • To play a vital role in enabling our clients and their organizations to succeed in their challenging and changing environment.

  • To understand our clients' needs and to provide unique and dynamic solutions to support long-term, mutually rewarding relationships.

Career Search and Development Coaching

  • To assist skilled persons in their career search in Canada whether they live in Canada or abroad   

  • To support skilled candidates in moving through qualification assessment and licensing in their profession                       

  • To provide coaching services for ongoing development of competencies for future jobs and careers                 

"Excellent course, great instructor, learned a lot and will help me in all aspects of my life"

Jacques Ladouceur, Montreal Management Training Seminar attendee



for employees, clients, faculty, suppliers or anyone who comes into contact with us


in everything we do


in every aspect of our business


to change - the need for change is a certainty, not an option, to our clients, to our employees


to learning, to education, to our customers and their issue


in our performance and in the delivery of service

We are currently experiencing a decrease of unemployment and the need for skilled talent and with the imminent retirement of the first of the baby boomers looming on the horizon, there are two significant consequences for the future:


need to pay more attention to staff retention.  It is good business to attract and keep the best and let go of the rest.


need a broader range of skills and competencies to accommodate the increased workload and to be the best.

Competition for experienced and well trained staff has never been stronger.   Businesses cannot operate efficiently without sufficient skilled resources.  The costs of insufficient skilled talent in the workplace includes decreased staff moral and motivation and an increase in time required for on the job training.  More time and effort is required with the loss of skilled staff to conduct interviews before a new candidate can be selected and trained.  All of these costs can run into tens of thousands of dollars.  Retaining competent staff is much more cost effective.

Why not consider training and coaching as part of your staff retention initiatives?  Invest in your career or the career of your employee to ensure that you develop the competencies needed for roles in your organization and keep up with career development needs.

Our training and coaching programmes are geared to equip individuals to improve their skills.  This enables them to meet work and career challenges with a renewed vigor armed with high quality training and the support of professional business coaches.  We take pride in offering flexible delivery options including face to face, telephone and email coaching, and skype or teleconference sessions for individuals and groups.

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