Our courses are highly participatory workshops.  We explore issues and practice skills during individual and group exercises.  There is ample opportunity to ask questions about personal business challenges.

Along with our Business Workbook, we use checklists, questionnaires, guides, worksheets and samples to provide you with tangible guidance in developing new skills.  Numerous tips and techniques are contained in the course materials and reinforced during both group and individual exercises.

In summary, our approach is to do it rather than talk about it.

We also provide flexible methods of delivery for our career search and development coaching sessions.  You can access our services by email, telephone and conferencing from any location in the world.  We are here to provide you with reliable and convenient service.


Our focus is on reality based, practical material that you can apply to your on the job situation.  We concentrate our efforts on solutions. The new skills you gain will have practical value in the "real world". We model what we teach at all times.  We will survey your interests and concerns before the workshop begins and do our very best to address each and every one.  We provide the intensive focus of single-subject workshops rather than brief conference-style sessions.


Studies have shown that if new material is not used within 30 days, over 90% of that material is forgotten.  To help you retain the new skills, we provide a Comprehensive Business Workbook you can refer to long after the workshop.  We believe that the most beneficial parts of our workshops are your opportunities to perform the new skills and receive feedback.

We follow a quick pace in our workshops.  Expect a high-content, high-involvement, high-energy program.  Our workshops require effort on your part, but we also make sure that they are lively, entertaining, and fun.  We do not complicate the material.  You will leave with the feeling "This isn't so hard. I can do it."   We won't overwhelm you or try to impress you with our skill: we want you to be impressed with your own skill by the time you leave.  The focus and efficiency you gain will reduce your extra workload.

Our materials are drawn from years of experience in the field.  We base our workshops on a realistic approach to the business environment.  We continuously improve our workshops based on trainee suggestions and feedback.  Our goal is to make our workshops as "user-friendly" as possible.

Our coaching sessions rely on support to you from business and career development experts who can provide you with up to date labour market information and realistic and reliable information to suit your needs - whether it is to seek a career in BC or Canada for the first time, to relocate in Canada, or to consider and plan for your next career move.


"I think everything was better than I expected and more helpful even though I knew a lot of this stuff...Iappreciated the time taken to answer all my questions until I understood"


  • A comprehensive Business Workbook as a permanent reference manual. Our workbooks are used throughout the workshop and you are strongly encouraged to take notes in it. It is intended as a toolkit for your future success.

  • Free telephone or email consultation post seminar. If you need advice, confirmation of a decision or someone to discuss ideas with, give us a call.

  • Optional one-on-one discussions with the instructor about your individual project or concerns. These are available in the morning before we begin or at the end of each day's session.

  • An individual Action Plan, designed by you, to implement immediately. Suggestions for further personals or professional development.

  • A Quick Reference Guide to use for instant memory refresher.

  • A Certificate to attest to your successful completion of the seminar.


Time - 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. plus time at end of each day to discuss any aspect of the topic you wish.

Registration - Register on-line, by fax or by telephone. Confirmation will be provided within 24 hours of receipt and is required to attend the sessions.

Payment Options - We accept: Cheque, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, eCHECK and Paypal. If paying by cheque please provide the cheque to us at least two weeks in advance of the session. 

Cancelations - If you cancel one week in advance of your seminar you will receive a full credit. If you cancel between one week and 48 hours before your seminar you will receive a credit to use for a future course of less or the same value.

Need more Information? Not sure if a workshop is right for you? Simply call or email to discuss your needs. We're pleased to answer your questions.

We make every attempt to conduct our workshops in downtown locations; however, we may at times be required to hold workshops outside the city. While we hope to maintain our prices, they are subject to change from time to time with appropriate notice.

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