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"Excellent course, great instructor, learned a lot and will help me in all aspects of my life"


Jacques Ladouceur, Montreal | Effective Time Management

"Suzanne was very pleasant and professional"


J.K, Montreal | Effective Time Management

"I think everything was better than I expected and more helpful even though I knew a lot of this stuff...Iappreciated the time taken to answer all my questions until I understood"


J.G, Montreal | ABC's of Entry Level Managers

"Suzanne was a very informative instructor and easy to engage in discussion with"


Jill Stock, Montreal | ABC's of Entry Level Managers

"(the instructor) Was able to answer all of the questions that we did not have the answers to. Enjoyed the course!"


H.A, Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"Very informative, enjoyed group activities and the manner in which information was presented. Articulate speaker"


G.B, Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"Everything discussed touched base with things I either needed to improve on or learn to become better in my position"


J. L.,  Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"Enjoyed the workshop-was very helpful with questions and issues. Very helpful suggestions and tools.Workshop was very interactive and hands on, which allowed me to remember many of the tools I had learned"


Hawi Jacobs, Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"Thank you for customizing the course to meet my requirements"


D.D. Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"Teacher Suzanne Kenny very pleasant and professional"


J.K. Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"I enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you"


A.R, Montreal | Negotiating for Results

"I think that the size of the groups was excellent. Having a small group creates more interaction!! I really enjoyed it!"


Anthony Borsellino, Montreal | Hr for Non Hr Managers

"Suzanne put us at ease on first contact, which really helps us throughout the two days"


May Trepanier, Montreal | Hr for Non Hr Managers

"Brought much of what I do into perspective and a good reinforcement"


Greg Rose, Montreal | Hr for Non Hr Managers

"Very good teacher, good entertainment"


K.H. Montreal | Essential Business Writing Skills 

"The games that came from Suzanne were really appreciated"


Marco Dumont, Montreal | Essential skills for the Administrative Assistant

"I want to work on what I learned and put it into practice...I met with my superior and discussed with him my realistic goals. I was happy to see the very good impression that it made on him"


Giselle Legault, Montreal

"Suzanne was very eloquent, funny and well-informed. .. I have shared a few tips with some of my co-workers and now they too are interested in the course"


Denise Mutter, Montreal

"I really liked the enthusiasm you showed while teaching us and the way you took the time to listen to us!"


Dominique Schiralli, Montreal

"Your trainer is very knowledgable"


Lisa Brathwaite, Montreal

"I liked the meeting room style" 


AM.C Montreal

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